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Intimate Group Weddings

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An Example of the 2 Day Wedding Package

Until we talk to you about your own thoughts and dreams we have produced here an example of a 2 day/ night wedding plan which has proven perfect for many couples. This plan can be changed but underneath in italic are typical questions we will be asking you to clarify so that once the information is in our hands you can forget about the details and let us organize everything for you.

Check In Day (Night 1)

Group can arrive from 3 p.m. onwards

If you have “gifts for guests” please let us have them early so that we can place them in the guest rooms for you. Please hand the Wedding Host the table decorations / candles and cards together with seating plan if you have one.

First Evening

  • We will have an open bar service available throughout the evening. 

  • Standard stock liquors on bar plus, beers, coolers, wine. 

If you have any special requests for wine or specialty drinks that you wish to be sure we stock please let us know.


Lonny is happy to make an easy supper should you require it. 
Our suggestions for a casual dinner in Canmore but not at the Inn would be:

  • Iron Goat - the closest neighbourhood pub/restaurant, great decor, walk home.

  • Bow Valley Flatbread - wood oven baked pizza and homemade pasta, downtown.

  • Crazy Weed restaurant - fine food in an elegant casual atmosphere.

  • Grizzly Paw Bar – Brew Bar with good pub food and outdoor patio.

  • Murrieta's - sophisticated bar / restaurant with weekend music

** There will be a music system playing light music of your choice. 
If you choose to bring your iPod I will show someone how the system works. 
The piano is available for your guests to play.


Wedding Day (Night 2)

is served in the Dining Room at a fixed time between 8.00 - 9.30 a.m.

Spa Services

Please confirm if you have made reservation yourself or if you would like us to make them for you 

  • Massage

  • Bridal Hair

  • Bridal Make up

  • Friends Hair / make up / massage

We will need to know names of those wanting the Spa services and the time that they want them. It is possible to have the services at the Inn but if there is a few of you I would suggest that you go to the Spa (5 minutes drive) together.

We will also need to know who is paying for the treatments. 

Picnic Lunch

Baskets will be delivered to each guest room unless you advise us that other arrangements are preferable.

Do you have vegetarian / vegan guests or any special dietary requirements?


Please specify exact flowers in the bridal bouquet as we would like to coordinate colours at the Inn. 

If you are providing your own flowers we will need to know when they are being delivered to the Inn, if it is the day before we will need to be sure they are kept at the right temperature.

Ceremony Details

  • Marriage commissioner ~ will arrive at Inn 

  • Photographer ~ will arrive at Inn

  • Harpist or other musician if required ~ will arrive at Inn

  • Guests will congregate in lounge or wedding location outdoors

  • Music for Bridal procession 

  • Bride walks down stairs with attendants to meet her Groom

  • Ceremony begins

  • Marriage Certificate is signed


After Ceremony

You can choose several options:

  • Coffee / Tea & Cookies $5.00 per person

  • Cheese Platters & Wine $7.50 per person plus cost of Wine

  • Take photographs outdoors

  • Go for a stroll along beautiful Cougar Creek

  • Relax to prepare for Dinner

Dining Room ~ will be reset for formal dinner after the Ceremony
During this time we will keep your guests entertained and cared for as per your choices.

There will be a table for a guest book
There will be an area set up in Library for presents


Served by waitress or bartender.

Reception Dinner Service

Your Wedding dinner of choice is served to your guests in the dining room or garden depending upon the season.

We request that toasts are made after the main course is served to allow the kitchen to serve you perfectly cooked course.

Cake Cutting

We will set it up at one end of the table for ease and pictures.

After Dinner


There are live musicians and DJs in Canmore or Banff who would be delighted to entertain you.

Otherwise we have a music system for your iPod.

10:00 Onwards

Hot tub and entire Inn is at your disposal.
Bar service until 1:00 a.m. by our wonderful bartenders.


Final Morning & Check-Out

is served in the Dining Room at a fixed time to be set by yourselves so the group has a last chance to enjoy each others' company.
10.00 onwards - Casual
11.00 - Check out for Guests and Bride & Groom

Please see availability and pricing for details of payments and ideas, sharing rooming and dining costs with your guests.



Three Day Packages

are available any days of the week, ask for details.
On our availability we have set up our 3 package on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Basically what we suggest is similar to our 2 day package, but that we make the first full day all about exploring the Rockies together and getting to spend time with your soon-to-be new family!

Ask us for ideas and help! We know all the good hikes, the best places to go skiing, tubing, sledding, ice climbing, rock climbing, and so on. We want to keep the group together and we know just the tour company to provide transport for all your guests. We can even provide a picnic if you like!

How about an adventure where you go on a horse ride with a BBQ steak fry at the other end? (chuck wagons can be made available for those who do not want to ride a horse). The sky's the limit really!

The most important thing is to come up with an idea that works for your group and has a nice flow to it.

Breakfast, the inn, (included) transport arrives and everyone heads out on an adventure together or in groups, depending on the plan. For 3 night packages we usually suggest including a 3 course dinner offsite on the second night. Ask us for suggestions.

If your group can stay longer we are happy to add extra days to your plan.

If your group can only stay 1 night, we can arrange 1-night wedding plans during weekdays.



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